Submitting New Student Paperwork

Uploading your Student Paperwork

Please download the attached packet of student forms including the Agreement for Cosmetic Training, Non-disclosure, Non-compete, Non-solicitation Agreement, Student Cancellation Policy,Photo/Video Consent, Any other attached forms, and submit them via the google form link below.


  1. Download the file attached
  2. Review all forms
  3. Print the forms
  4. Fill out the forms in blue or black ink, initialing the bottom of EACH PAGE on the blanks indicated, providing any required details (address, training location, etc.) as well as your full printed name and signature where required. DO NOT FILL IN THE SIGNATURE PAGES!!! THESE ARE ONLY FOR REPEAT STUDENTS!!
  5. Scan the documents as a PDF to your computer (you can use the scanner function on your computer or download a free scanner app from the App Store and take photos of each page to scan the documents.)
  6. Name the document: lastname_firstname_studentpaperwork
  7. Submit the PDF document using this google forms link


  1. Please download and submit the document entitled Student Paperwork Signature pages and sign + date and only the topmost line of each document.
  2. Upload the scanned pages with the file name: lastname_firstname_studentpaperwork

Files that are not named properly, blurry or illegibly scanned, incomplete, or otherwise unacceptable will be returned and you will not be permitted to move on in the course until you have resubmitted the file correctly.


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