Final Quizzes

Please complete these two final quizzes to move on and receive your certificate of completion. They are the same as the pre-quizzes you took before and they are intended to measure your mastery of the subject matter. Please do not use the internet, friends, coworkers, textbooks, or any resource besides your own brain to complete it.

You will need to score at least an 80% on each quiz to move on. You have unlimited attempts to complete the quiz and score 80% or above.

You need to review your answers to the quiz immediately after taking it should you like to review them. You will not be able to return to the page to review your answers once you have advanced from that page to the next quiz or lesson.

Feel free to use these quizzes for practice if you would like to review the course material or anatomy but DO NOT use the pre-quizzes for this purpose.

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