Advanced Courses

Master intricate facial sculpting with our Advanced Courses.
Learn to blend precision with artistry.

Master intricate facial sculpting with our Advanced Courses. Learn to blend precision with artistry.

Unlock Expertise: Advanced Aesthetic Training Courses

Welcome to DCCM™’s Advanced Courses, where mastery meets innovation in the world of aesthetic medicine. Learn cutting-edge techniques and specialized treatments curated by renowned industry leaders, like Dr. Tara Delle Chiaie. Elevate your practice and expand your expertise with our range of advanced training courses. From intricate facial sculpting to precise injection methods, each course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this ever-evolving field.

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Advanced Filler

Master dermal filler treatments with Dr Tara. Learn advanced injection techniques and product selection strategies.

Advanced Neurotoxin

Elevate your expertise under Dr. Tara's guidance. Learn cutting-edge techniques and safety protocols beyond on-label recommendations.

Advanced Jawline Enhancement

Learn to sculpt the perfect jawline with our Advanced Course, curated by Dr. Tara. Master intricate techniques for transformative results.


“Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is absolutely stunning! Tara and her staff are incredibly welcoming and kind. I attended Tara’s advanced facial assessment/lip filler course last month and it was incredible. Tara shares her knowledge, experience, and attention to detail in a small class setting making this course like no other. You receive hands on training with multiple patients with Tara by your side guiding and encouraging you. If you are new to aesthetics or even an established aesthetic injector I highly recommend her courses and private trainings. I’m fortunate to have Tara as a mentor and look forward to future trainings together!”


“Tara is wonderful! She really knows exactly what you need and what you want. If you are looking to ease into Botox fillers etc she is your girl. Well educated and knowledgable in her field of expertise and my results show it! I was nervous to get Botox but she made me look great and I love it! In my mid 30s I wanted to get rid of my angry 11s without major upkeep and I feel amazing! My husband noticed that I was happier and smiling for no reason and after I told him he said that I looked different and he couldn’t put his finger on it until then! I would visit her just for a consultation to see what your aging beautifully plan is!!!


“I have taken many training courses with Tara, she is a wealth of knowledge. Her passion is contagious. Tara is patient with her students and really takes the time to make sure there is an understanding for safe practice. She is always available for questions and continuing education. She has a calming way about her which keeps the students and patients comfortable. Tara continues education herself to give us the best information to be successful. Highly recommended as a patient and a student.

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