Diplopia Secondary to Neurotoxin Injections: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management

Dive into the world of cosmetic neurotoxin injections with Dr. Tara Delle Chiaie's insightful guide. Uncovering the risks of diplopia (double vision), this article provides expert strategies and knowledge on anatomy, prevention, and management. Perfect for both novice and experienced cosmetic practitioners, this essential resource ensures safe and successful treatment outcomes. Explore the intricacies of aesthetic medicine with clarity and confidence under Dr. Tara's expert guidance.

My Neurotoxin Textbook

This one-of-a-kind Neurotoxin textbook for aesthetic practitioners is an in-depth exploration of neurotoxins and their impact on the aesthetic community. Readers will be exposed to a variety of treatment options addressing several aesthetic concerns. Step-by-step procedural plans, along with before and after photos, show how to execute the procedure flawlessly. Tara carefully outlines treatment plans while guiding practitioners to deliver safe and beautiful results.

Tissue Necrosis and Intravascular Accidents Secondary to Kybella™ Injections: Management and Two Case Reports

In Tara’s quest for continuous improvement regarding patient care in aesthetic medicine, she shares her protocol for managing potential adverse events related to Kybella™ injections. This publication contains a brief review of the drug, and the safe administration techniques are followed by Tara's in-depth vascular accident protocol with Kybella™. Aesthetic medicine can be a rewarding field of medicine when safe practices are employed. Tara uses her expertise to help other aesthetic professionals learn the safest Kybella™ injection practices.

Certificate of Competency versus Certificate of Completion

As aesthetic medicine continues to grow at exponential rates, adverse events are rising. In this article, Tara discusses the importance of standardized education for aesthetic providers. The literature demonstrates how the lack of proper training is causing an increase in adverse events. Tara reveals her proven methods for cultivating safe and competent aesthetic providers versus aesthetic providers that are only considered certified.

Preventing and Managing
Adverse Events

Tara specializes in the artistry and delivery of aesthetic procedures. She has also dedicated her career to understanding adverse events in an effort to improve patient safety. In this article, she shares a primer to her Doctorate of Nursing Practice Dissertation based on the management of vascular occlusions with hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Standardized protocols improve patient safety when providers are empowered with knowledge and the tools to succeed.

The Energy-based Approach to a Non-surgical Mommy Makeover

Tara worked for over a year to curate a treatment protocol with a proprietary blend of energy devices to help women who suffer from bodily changes due to aging and or post-partum changes. Using the CO2 Laser and the Profound RF device she has developed a home run treatment to remove unwanted bulk and tighten the skin. This article teaches aesthetic professionals how to perform this innovative treatment.

Neurotoxins in Review

Many injectors learn how to inject neurotoxins, but they do not know what they are injecting or why they are injecting the neurotoxin. In this article, Tara explores in detail what exactly neurotoxin is and how it works to reduce wrinkles. Her zest for enhanced provider knowledge is never-ending, and she believes professional injectors should take time to learn about the products they use. Learn about all four FDA-approved neurotoxins in the US: Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, and Xeomin.

All About Biofilms

This article is the first in a series on biofilms. In this series, Tara discusses the phenomenon of biofilm while decreasing the confusion surrounding the overlapping diagnoses of infection, granuloma, abscess, and delayed hypersensitivity reactions. In this first article, she defines biofilms and reviews how biofilms occur in aesthetic medicine. In upcoming articles in this series, she will explore differential diagnoses, describe how to diagnose a biofilm, and discuss early recognition and management options for this complication.

All About Bio Films: Part 2

This is the second article in a series on biofilms. Part 2 explores differential biofilm diagnoses and how to diagnose a biofilm. Tara also discusses early detection and the various options for managing complications. This publication serves to help aesthetic injectors be as prepared as possible for the complications that can arise from biofilms and how best to treat them. When injectors are prepared, their patients can be confident that any complications will be addressed efficiently and the results will be beautiful. Discover more about biofilms and how you can prepare for these avoidable complications.

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